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Written by Albert Mohler Sunday, 26 February 2012 Gambling corrupts the culture, polluting everything it touches. Recent scandals in college basketball are proof positive that gambling is not a problem limited to casinos and horse tracks. Ominously, industry executives see great promise in the development of on-line gambling over the Internet, bringing gambling to every…

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Debt doomsday more imminent?

By: Seung Min Kim February 24, 2012 The federal government could hit the debt ceiling sooner than expected — and possibly around the November election — according to a report out Friday. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill had hoped that last summer’s deal to end the nasty fight over lifting the debt ceiling would ensure the issue wouldn’t resurface…

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More Chinese parents are sending their children to Christian high schools in the United States

World and Life News Written by Angela Lu and Mary Jackson, WNS Saturday, 25 February 2012 Her parents sent Hua to America because she could continue to excel academically and also have time for hobbies like painting and calligraphy. What Hua didn’t expect was her budding friendship with her teachers and her newfound interest in…

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44 Church Growth Principles that are Real and Work!

by Richard J. Krejcir

Do not be afraid to preach biblical stewardship and how to handle money. If you do not know how, acquire resources to help you. Stewardship and generosity are sure signs of the health of your church. A stifled church, no matter how many are attending, will always have financial problems, where a small, poor church with real conviction and purpose will usually have enough! (Proverbs 3:9-10)

Do you desire to have your church grow?

We all desire to see our churches grow. If they are not, there is something wrong. Your call and profession might need a review. Growing a church is biblical, and an imperative from our Lord. However, we also need to discover what it means to “grow a church.” Most people consider numerical growth, and for good reasons. Most of the time, numbers indicate success, and the more you have, the more to whom you are ministering. Nevertheless, is that the main reason for growth? Well, see for yourself.

Carefully read Matthew 28:18-20. Diligently examine each word. What does it say? The emphasis is on spiritual growth! Discipleship! When we are reaching all we can, all over the world, we need to be teaching them, not just corralling and counting them.

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Erskine Hopeful for Continued Dialogue with ARP Synod

Erskine trustees look forward to a continued, cooperative, and mutually beneficial relationship with the ARP General Synod.

Every message has at least two parts: content and delivery. Delivery becomes especially important when the content of a message is not what the recipient is hoping for, or when previous interactions have been difficult.

So while the Board of Trustees of Erskine College & Theological Seminary voted last week that it would not alter its charter or bylaws to provide a mechanism for its sponsoring denomination to remove trustees, Board Chairman Joe Patrick, the trustees and Erskine President Dr. David Norman are working hard to ensure that message is delivered with the same respect and genuine hope for continued peaceful dialogue with which the request was made.

The request originated with the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) Church last June. Norman, Patrick, and several other Erskine trustees were present at that meeting to receive the request and supported the tone of it. “I support both the tone of the request and the tone of the response,” Norman noted, “because this is a conversation. We need to keep a productive conversation going.”

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The Jeremy Lin Problem

By DAVID BROOKS Jeremy Lin is anomalous in all sorts of ways. He’s a Harvard grad in the N.B.A., an Asian-American man in professional sports. But we shouldn’t neglect the biggest anomaly. He’s a religious person in professional sports. We’ve become accustomed to the faith-driven athlete and coach, from Billy Sunday to Tim Tebow. But…

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Breaking News

ERSKINE COLLEGE & SEMINARY COMMUNICATIONS DUE WEST, S.C. — Trustees of Erskine College & Theological Seminary voted today not to alter its charter and bylaws to grant its sponsoring denomination authority to remove trustees. This action affirms the conclusions and recommendations of an ad hoc committee of the board formed last year to consider requests…

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Erskine Trustees tell ARP Synod "No" to request to allow Synod to remove Trustees for cause

Section 1 is titled “Response Summary” and it states that the requested changes would not be ‘in the Institution’s best interest, nor in the best interest of the General Synod’ Four reasons are highlighted: impact on accreditation, legal liability, impact on academic freedom, and impact on Trustees independence.

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Possible New Court Injunction May Allow NY Churches to Remain in School Buildings

The new brief filed by ADF in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York argues that while the DOE’s policy was analyzed under the free speech clause of the First Amendment, it did not consider the free exercise jurisprudence as supported by the case Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v.…

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“We Try to Respect Religious Beliefs” — Mr. Kristof Rewrites the Constitution

Mr. Kristof is a serious man, and he raises serious issues in this column. But with this one simplistic and condescending sentence he throws religious liberty under the bus and reveals what makes sense to so many in the secular elite. They will try their best, they promise, to respect our religious beliefs, and to “accommodate…

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Spring Retreat Reminders

High School Retreat (Catawba, First & Second Presbyteries) When: March 2-4 Where: Bonclarken Conference Center (Flat Rock, NC) Speaker: Rev. Matt Lucas (Reformation ARP Church) Music: Brandon Auten & the Worship Team (Crossings Community ARP Church) Info: Register: or call (770) 978-2414. Deadline Feb. 20 Free T-shirts if register by Feb. 20  …

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The First Principles of Rick Santorum

By MOLLY WORTHEN Eric Gay/Associated PressRick Santorum prayed before speaking at Oral Roberts University on Thursday. Last month, when prominent evangelical pastors and political activists emerged from their Texas powwow to announce that they had anointed Rick Santorum as their standard-bearer, the blogosphere pronounced the endorsement too little, too late, and kept all sights firmly on…

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20 Pastors Make First Erskine Seminary Pilgrimage to Israel

On August 19th, twenty pilgrims, most of them Associate Reformed Presbyterian pastors, departed our shores for a 2-week Holy Land tour. Unlike many Holy Land excursions, this particular trip was designed for pastors, with an intentional emphasis placed upon their retreat and renewal. Participants were mid-career pastors who had never had the opportunity to visit…

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Erskine’s Columbia Campus is Accredited

Erskine Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that our Columbia campus is fully accredited. The Association of Theological Schools Board of Commissioners has voted to grant approval for Erskine to offer the complete Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Practical Ministry, and Doctor of Ministry degree programs in Columbia. For Erskine’s students, this means…

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In Memorium: Mary Steele

Mary Harrington Steele, 97, of. Due West, SC, passed away Friday, Feb. 10, 2012, at the Carlisle Nursing Center. Mrs. Steele was born in Lee County, NC, the daughter of Raymond and Dora Bell Black Harrington. Educated in Lee County schools in Sanford, NC, she was a graduate of Elon College and Florida Southern College.…

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The War on Christians: The Rising Genocide

The Rising Genocide — by Newsweek Magazine Saturday, 11 February 2012 00:00 “…the scale and severity of Islamophobia pales in comparison with the bloody Christophobia currently coursing through Muslim-majority nations from one end of the globe to the other.” Then the author bluntly says that “The conspiracy of silence surrounding this violent expression of religious…

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TN/AL Presbytery Clerk Dies

Rev. Charles Bradley, pastor of Hopewell ARP Church in Culleoka, TN, died this afternoon of an apparent heart attack. Rev. Bradley was also the stated clerk of Tennessee-Alabama Presbytery. The son of Charles William and Margaret Bechtel Bradley, Rev. Bradley was born May 25, 1956, in Cochise County, AZ.  He received his early education in…

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Rev. Troy Pritt will have a very serious heart surgery on December 19 at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. The retired ARP minister is scheduled to have a growth removed between two valves; one valve replaced; one valve repaired or replaced; and three bypasses. Please be in prayer for Rev. Pritt and his family.…

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Martha Emma Shannon

New Albany, MS – Martha Emma Shannon, 86, died Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011, at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Union County. She was born in Tippah County to Emma Lewellen Thurmond and Charlie Rooker Thurmond, Sr. She was a homemaker and a member of Cleveland Street ARP Church of New Albany. She was the widow of…

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Troy Pritt Update

Rev. Pritt had triple bypass surgery, and his Aortic and Mitral valves were replaced. His son, David Pritt says, “During the surgery, the surgeon used a vein and an artery from Dad’s leg to create a ‘Roman archway’ as it were. The one thing he is worried about is Dad’s Conduction System, and so, Dad…

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Jane de Witt

Mrs. John R. (Jane) de Witt passed away suddenly during the night Friday night. Her funeral will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7,  at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC.  Dr. John R. de Witt is a former moderator of Synod and former pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia. Please remember Dr. de Witt…

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Insuring Religous Liberty: ObamaCare, Ronald Reagan, and the Current Crisis of Conscience in America

by Michael Milton   We were told this would not happen. We were told to just let the bill pass and read it later. Well, we are reading it now. And the fine print doesn’t look good for religious freedom. Perhaps you have heard about last Sunday’s “pulpit protest” by Roman Catholic priests around the nation…

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