Christ Community Church — Prayer Letter March

Christmas Eve Service

by Charlie Lewis

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers for Christ Community Church.  Your prayers continue to bless us.

We felt them during our busy Christmas season.  This year Christ Community Church held our first ever Christmas Eve service.  The highlight was the Children’s Christmas Pageant which included over 25 kids.  God could have touched the heart of any Scrooge with the joy and excitement of each participant.  There is nothing sweeter than hearing kids tell the Christmas story and sing carols!

Since early January the messages on Sunday mornings have focused upon helping our congregation develop a deeper and richer understanding of the local church.  The sermon series, titled “Jesus is Building His Church”, reminds us that God’s primary means of building His Kingdom are the local church loving one another deeply and sharing this love of Christ with those they meet.  Daily I meet people who have a deep need for God in their lives.

Emma's Celebration Party Saturday, March 31st 6:30 PM If you can come please RSVP to Coco at

In February six different small group Bible studies started back or began.  Three of the groups are studying the book of James while the other three are studying the first half of the book of Romans.  It is exciting to watch people grow and mature in their faith while sharing their lives with one another.

On the home front, Coco and I are thrilled to announce that our daughter Emma has been declared cancer free!  Two significant tests for leukemia came back negative.  Because she will no longer need treatment, the last step was surgery to remove her port in mid-February.  The billboard at our previous church in Melbourne Beach has changed their sign from “Pray for Emma” to “Praise for Emma”.    We want to be faithful to express our gratitude to God as frequently as we petitioned Him for her recovery.  We are so grateful to each of you for your ongoing prayers for Emma and our family during this long journey. God has indeed been our refuge and strength during this time of trouble.

Thank you again and again for your prayers and support for Christ Community Church.

Pray for God to move people into leadership positions.Pray that our members will be bold for Christ in sharing their faith and living for Christ.  Pray that the hearts of the lost will be impacted by the ministries of Christ Community Ask God to lead several people to profess faith in Christ before Easter.
Praise God for continuing to build relationships in our congregation.Praise God for the six small group bible studies that we have just started.  We have some new leaders and we have reached out to several new people whose introduction to Christ Community is through these Bible studies.Praise God that Emma finished her treatments for Leukemia and had a safe surgery to remove her port in February.

Christ Community Church

1321 Sheridan Bay Drive | Ruskin, FL 33570


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Tony Locke

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