OUTREACH Prayer Update — May 2012

Our church planters depend on the prayers and encouragement of God’s people.

OUTREACH NORTH AMERICA provides this monthly prayer letter to inform you of some of their specific needs and praises so you will know better how to pray for them.

Thank you for your prayers and the interest you show by your phone and e-mail responses. Your prayers truly encourage your church planters.

In general

  • Pray for 4 couples being assesses at the Church Planting Assessment Center (CPAC) May 1-4.
  • Pray for preparations for General Synod meeting.

Catawba Presbytery

  Hill City Church, Rock Hill, SC

Andy and Ellie Stager AndrewRStager@yahoo.com


  • For several visitors: both Christians looking to get involved in the mission and strugglers looking to re-center their lives.
  • For surprising prospects for friendship-building to take on a spiritual and church dimension.
  • For unity in tactical decisions among the invested core group folks.


  • For our Community Groups going through a practical 5-week ‘Missional Primer’ during May.
  • For Andy as he crafts the ‘Missional Primer.’
  • For increased commitment to discipleship disciplines.
  • For evangelistic fruit through conversion to Jesus.

First Presbytery

African ARP Mission, Charlotte, NC

Rev. Zachary and Ruth Kariuki zkariuki@yahoo.com

Pray: For Pastor Kariuki as he makes contact with new families and explores new avenues of ministry among the Kenyan community.

  Brookside Presbyterian Church, ARP, Boone, NC

Rev. Larry and Joyce Young drlarryyoung@msn.com 


Praise: A couple from Florida with a vacation home in Boone attended, and said they will come again when back in Boone.

Pray: That God would send more people like them.

  Centerpoint ARP Church, Lewisville, NC

Rev. Bob and Joyce Wilson bobwc21@aol.com


Pray: For the church to have a greater impact upon the community and draw new people into the congregation.

  Christ Coastal Church, Southport, NC

Rev. Walt and Val Shepard waltshepard@gmail.com


Pray: For the continuous flow of new visitors to the worship services and for many of them to become regulars.

  Christ Church ARP, Denver, NC

Rev. Morrie and Lori Lawing morrie@christchurch.org


Pray: For the plans to come together toward the purchase of property and the construction of a building,

  City Church, Asheville, NC

Duff and Kristi James thomasduffyjames@gmail.com

Praise: Give thanks for the many new contacts being made and for many to be drawn into the core group.

  DaySpring Presbyterian, Mocksville, NC

Pray: For new opportunities to minister in this community and for people to be drawn into the church.

  Faith Chapel ARP, Pleasant Garden, NC

Rev. Terry and Mary Crahen reformedalive@earthlink.net



  • For the Lord of the Harvest to send out/raise up laborers to enlarge and complete our team.
  • For a musician to replace our pianist who recently retired due to health issues.
  • For commitment and embracing of our vision among the existing core group members.
  • For stamina and strength.
  • For resources, especially to update our website.

  Grace Church Leith, Leith, Scotland

Rev. Athole Rennie atholerennie@yahoo.co.uk

Andrew and Helen Court, Intern www.gracechurchleith.orgwww.reformissionscotland.com

American contact Dr. John Carson carson@erskine.edu

Follow this link to watch a short video about Leith



  • That others will be drawn into the church through the witness of the core group.
  • Please do continue to pray for perseverance. Seeing Gospel contacts come to Christ continues to be a slow process. Please pray that we would not become discouraged but would trust in God to work sovereignly in the lives of those we are trying to reach with the Gospel.
  • Some of the mums are going to begin meeting together with some Gospel contacts to go through the Christianity Explored course together. They will meet each Thursday afternoon over the next couple of months. We would really appreciate it if you could pray for them and for the women who have agreed to take part.

  Grace Community Church, Black Creek, NC

Rev. Randy and Sally Jenkins jenkinseleven@gmail.com

Pray: For the continued growth of the congregation and the identification of elder candidates.

  Grace Hill Church, Hillsborough, NC

Rev. Ross Durham ross@gracehillchurch.nethttp://gracehillchurch.net


  • A couple from church who moved overseas may be moving back to the area permanently. They were good leaders and encouragers before they left, so it would be wonderful to have them back.
  • That Backyard Bible clubs this June will allow us to engage and reach new families with the Gospel.
  • That the casual interactions we have at a monthly Hillsborough event would grow to result in meaningful relationships to discuss Christ.
  • That the Spirit would direct our leadership training and develop leaders for Christ’s Church.

  Grace of the Lord Korean, Cary, NC

                (exploratory work)

Rev. Joshua Kim

Pray: For Pastor Kim as he prepares to take his examination to be received into the Presbytery.

  Hope Chapel ARP Church, Greensboro, NC

Rev. Todd Jones, staff@hopechapelgreensboro.org


  • God for all the new visitors. Pray that more will come in the upcoming month.
  • Pray for all of our college students as they finish up exams.
  • Praise God for the start of new community group and pray that God would raise up additional leaders for the fall. We should be up to 8 community groups beginning in August.

Pray: For the unchurched that have been visiting.

Hyo Shin Korean, Greensboro, NC (exploratory work)

Rev. Byong Han Son

Pray: For continued growth of the congregation and many to become a part of the congregation.

  Johnson City, TN – exploratory work

  Bethesda Presbyterian Church, ARP

Pray: For the search for a mission developer and the work of an interim pastor to further develop this congregation.

  Northside Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC

Rev. Paul and Jo Traub ptraub@juno.com


Pray: For an increase in the number of visitors to the services.

  Pinecrest Hispanic Mission, Hendersonville, NC

Pray: Pray for the effective outreach to other Hispanics in the Flat Rock/Hendersonville area.

  Rodam Korean ARP Church, Pineville, NC

Rev. Eun Joo and Kim Young Yup Kim kejcs@hanmail.net

Pray: For continued encouragement as this flock grows and expands its ministry.

  Tapestry ARP Church, Charlotte, NC

Rev. Jarvis Ross jjplanter.ross2@gmail.com

Pray: For the group committed to the establishment of this church and for their numbers to increase.

  Triangle Onnuri Korean ARP Church, Raleigh, NC

Rev. Abraham and Sungmi Ji Biblestoryteller@gmail.com

Give thanks: For the faithfulness of this congregation, their growth, and their helpfulness to the pastor and congregation of the Fuller Memorial Church.

  Wilkes-Covenant, Millers Creek, NC

     (exploratory work)

Student Josh and Crystal Feimster joshfeimster@gmail.com


Pray: The congregation is praying for new visitors and others to join the core group, Join them in this prayer.


Florida Presbytery

  Christ Community, Apollo Beach, FL

Rev. Charlie and Coco Lewis Charlie@christcommunityfl.com 



  • That God will inspire people in our church to move into leadership roles.
  • That we will see continuing growth and maturity in the Christ Community family.
  • Ask God to cause our church to be bold for Him.
  • That we will have an impact for God’s Kingdom in the South Shore community.
  • For the training and development of small group leaders / disciple makers.


  • God for continuing to build stronger relationships among our members.
  • God for moving the hearts of many in our area to worship with us on Easter. We had a great turn out for both our Easter Sunrise Worship Service and our regular worship service on Easter Sunday morning.

  Renew Church, Fort Myers, FL

Rev. Steve and Rachel Reynolds sc_reynolds@comcast.net


  • We are seeing some of our sojourning friends (who do not yet know Christ) invite us into their homes.
  • Our vision for this area is being confirmed and shaped more clearly.
  • I have been asked to lead a Bible study through Hebrews with a group of potential leaders.


  • Pray for Vickie, a friend of ours in Fort Myers who is dealing with anger towards God.
  • Pray for us as we try to keep up with what God is doing in people’s lives in our church plant. We want to keep in step with His Spirit!
  • Pray for a couple of upcoming outreach opportunities. One long-term one may be back with the Quality Life Center in our poorest area. We are also planning a short-term outreach for late summer that could build real bridges to a nearby low-cost housing area.

  SonLife Church, Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Bob and Dail Hovey thehoveys@aol.com  www.sonlifejax.com


  • For our Inquirer’s Class.
  • For new visitors (college aged).
  • May 1 is our four year anniversary in Jacksonville.
  • For those who continue to pray and give to this Work.
  • Our website videos have had a positive response (www.sonlifejax.com).


  • New visitors are sticking!
  • For new sources for funding.

Mississippi Valley Presbytery

  Havana ARP Church, Havana, AR

Rev. Moises and Cindy Chan havanaarpc@yahoo.com

Praise: We want to thank the Lord that Cindy’s mom is now safe with the Lord. It was a quick passing. She was in a nursing home for a couple of years. We thank all those who sent condolences. Her ashes will be placed by Cindy’s dad in Mississippi where they lived most of their lives. Please remember to pray for the rest of the family.

Pray: Continue to pray for the English and Spanish classes for the community that we teach at church.

Northeast Presbytery

  Communion Presbyterian Church, Irvine, CA

Rev. Kent and Stephanie Moorlach kmoorlach@communionpres.org


  • For new members joining.
  • For visitors with positive impressions.
  • For mid-week studies that have been a real blessing.
  • For new members seeking places to serve.
  • For our young seminarian preparing for seminary.


  • For more to join!
  • For wisdom for our session.
  • For our young seminarian!
  • For God’s provision and for Gospel clarity.

  Good News Community Church, Gilbert, AZ

Rev. Clyde and Ann Reed clydeannreed@yahoo.comwww.goodnewspres.com


  • Many of our young people were readers in our Good Friday communion service and although our three main singers were not able to come, the folks did a great job with no accompaniment. Our prayer time was especially meaningful.
  • Our Easter service was small, but wonderful. The children sang the call to worship and our Easter egg hunt after was very simple, but a huge success. A gal with her three kids who had not attended in weeks came and brought cupcakes. The gal who usually brings treats was recovering from surgery. The Lord knows and takes care.


  • Two of our members have cancer. The gal has had surgery and has just started chemo. They are deciding the treatment for our Clerk of Session also.
  • We are preparing a letter to be given to the Home Owners Association encouraging them to settle with us without going to court. We have started to talk with the architect and builder.

Second Presbytery

  Travelers ARP Mission, Travelers Rest, SC

Rev. Billy and Sissy Barron TravelersARP@gmail.comwww.travelersarpchurch.org


  • For God’s continued faithfulness and the opportunities He gives us to
    minister to people in need.
  • For the people God has given to the mission and their faithfulness to Him.
  • For the contacts we made at our annual Easter-in-the-Park event.


  • For more visitors and contacts with people hunting for a church.
  • For the changes we have planned as we move into the summer months.
  • For the Lord to give us “the increase.”

Virginia Presbytery

Pray: for opportunities to establish core groups and plant churches in our presbytery. We have been praying and asking the Lord where He would have us do a demographic study for the purpose of starting a new work, because we know that he knows where the hearts are ready to receive the Gospel.

Canadian Presbytery

  Kingston, Ontario – exploratory work


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