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Home Bound Church Family & Friends

  1. Robbie Blough
  2. Betty Wood
  3. Harriett Leslie
  4. Virginia Black
  5. Bunny Hardy
  6. Orchard Residents

Church Concerns                              (August 28th, 2016)

  1. Paul Benedict fighting cancer.
  2. Betty Lovin living with significant leg pain.
  3. Louise Mickler (Barbara Welch neighbor) cancer has returned and she is taking chemo.
  4. Carly Caseria, Benedict’s Granddaughter had surgery and is recovering well.
  5. Ben Tisdale, 3rd trip to Afghanistan, Hoff’s great nephew.
  6. Linda Vick with a fever.
  7. Jenn Locke’s best friend at work as well as her supervisor, both with major medical issues.
  8. Barbara Welch’s eyes after cataract surgery.
  9. Phyllis Hunnicutt (JoAnn’s friend) remains in significant leg and back pain, also has COPD.
  10. Bill Shepherd got radiation on Monday for new spot – will have treatment 5-days a week for 5 weeks.
  11. Charles Kelley’s friend, Bill Crowell, hit by a car.
  12. Jill Stewart, niece of Betty and Charles need sprayer.
  13. Barbara’s neighbor with a bone disorder.

Susan Kelley. Bill and Brenda Bowers. Franklin King Family. Sherri Love and daughter Lisa. Crystal Bates family. Nora and Joe Cooper. Kathy Robinson. Betty Jean & Kenneth Morris.

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