Resources about the Bible: Authority, Inspiration, Inerrancy and Reliability

These are all of the resources on our website which defend the Bible

  1. Is the Bible Good History?
    • This sermon includes an illustration of my personal experience at Erskine Theological Seminary.
    • Theme of sermon: science and archeology are not in competition with the Bible.
    • Article: Ten Reasons to Believe in a Historical Adam
  2. Is Inerrancy a Bible Doctrine?
    • This sermon explains how inerrancy is not an observation of the mind, but a claim of scripture about itself. Therefore, it must be defended, not just explained.
  3. Is My English Bible Reliable?
    • This sermon explains the reliability of the English Bible we hold in our lap.
  4. Tyndale’s Legacy
    • This sermon explains how the English Bible came into existence through the ministry of William Tyndale.
  5. The 400th Year Anniversary of the King James Version
    • This is an article by the Heritage Foundation celebrating the impact of the Bible upon society.
  6. The Synod minutes where the ARP embraces inerrancy

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