Our Future Outreach

[stextbox id=”alert” color=”07049e” ccolor=”07049e” bcolor=”f80615″ bgcolor=”ffffff” cbgcolor=”ffffff” image=”null”]First Presbyterian is blessed to have a strong testimony of hospitality and compassion. To further glorify God we are developing some new projects.[/stextbox]


Before you consider our vision, ask yourself this question, “What if we fail?”

Our newest outreach initiative is a weekly prayer focus called Just Prayer.
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1. We are also developing a fleet of Snipe sailboats for use on area Lakes.
This ministry project has it’s own page. Needless to say we are very excited to see this ministry go forward.
We also have a Unique Youth Program. Click here for that outline.


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2.  We believe God wants the church to provide leadership seeking social justice.

To guide us into wise cultural interaction we will be using materials produced by the Heritage Foundation – Family and Religion resources titled “Seeking Social Justice”



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3. Our minister is also developing another project called NATIONAL SERVICE CHARITY which uses designated donations to mobilize volunteers into community service.

He hopes his project will be making significant impact by the Spring of 2011.

Vision: we mobilize volunteers into community service using donor designated capital

Core Belief: that American ingenuity and exceptionalism fueled by self-interest and self-reliance can release the American “can do” spirit to meet the challenges of a community with local resources and personnel.