Seeking Jesus at SAIL


It is very interesting to notice how often in the Gospels Jesus gets in a boat. The Apostles also frequently used sail boats to travel and accomplish ministry.

Our church, led by the combined vision and passion of Adam Moore and Tony Locke, are pioneering new ministry to the Tucker community through boats.

The general idea is to get our youth competent in a sail boat and then use that tool for ministry to the youth of the local community.

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The originally perceived path to ministry was a three year program.

  • Year One: secure three or four boats that we use for community fellowship as we fix them up and get them ready for the water.
  • Year Two: get the boats into the water and learn to sail. Get training from local groups. Begin to develop evangelistic materials titled, “Seeking Jesus at Sail.” Begin to strategize weekend youth events that use sail boats to GEO-CASH on local lakes, include a cook-out and lessons that focus on Jesus as He was on the water.
  • Year Three: Twice a month during the Summer invite unchurched youth to join our program.


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Our original plan has taken a faster pace through

  • the generosity of the Atlanta Yacht Club’s gracious gift of 10 sets of sails collectively worth over $10,000. Don Hackbarth put this gift together.
  • The generosity of Peggy Davis who is a leader within this group and gave us a boat.
  • The offer of Matt Gregory from Chattanooga who has built boats for 30 years and offered to help get ours ready for the water.
  • A $200 gift from a member of our church to jump-start our program.
  • a generous gift of parts from Derek Peters.



We are developing this new ministry as the Lord provides.

Below is a list of the things we still need to get fully up and running. These are start up costs. Snipe sail boats are very inexpensive to run and maintain. The annual cost after these intial expenses will be about $50 per boat (registration and tax).

Blessings to you as you help us complete our mission for Jesus sake.

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  • We need about $500 to finish the first two boats we have. The Yellow boat needs almost nothing, but the green boat needs some attention. $500 will get both of these boats fixed and on the water.
  • Two more boats are being offered to us by the President of the Atlanta Yacht Club at the cost of $1,000 each. These boats are also Snipes and in excellent shape. They are race ready and will not require any preparation to get on the water. Our only cost will be to get them registered and pay taxes.
  • We also need a trailer at the cost of $900. A welding shop in Buford has the design to build a double trailer to pull two boats at once behind a truck. These kinds of trailers have to be custom built and they stack one boat above the other.
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    [stextbox id=”alert” color=”000000″ ccolor=”000000″ bcolor=”454135″ bgcolor=”ffffff” cbgcolor=”ffffff” image=”null”]As a point of information, the blue boat in the back of the church is a Flying Dutchman and right now we have no plans to get it on the water. Sails are hard to find and would need to be custom made by a sail shop. That boat would carry 5 or 6 people but would cost us around $2,500 to get on the water. No plans are in place at this time to make that happen.[/stextbox]