Opportunity for Older Adults with limited income to receive $40 to Spend at our Tucker Farmers Market

The Tucker Lifelong Community Committee is working with the Tucker Farmers Market (Facebook Page) along with the accompanying outreach programs. We have been working on our Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Voucher program for the summer. Eligible participating seniors will receive $40 to spend at the selected local farmers of our Tucker Farmers Market to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables which are in season.

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The miracle of Thanksgiving isn’t a story about food, but the blessing of God that comes from personal responsibility.

Bradford didn’t set the colony up with personal property rights and capitalism, but rather communism. It was only after people died from a lack of necessary food and shelter that the government changed the laws and God blessed the free market in that small community to bring an overwhelming blessing for all.

Click this story to read more and find what wasn’t taught in our American education system and what needs to be re-embraced by government leadership to solve our problems of today.

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