Sunday School Series on The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson

A new Sunday School class featuring a 12 part video series on the Holy Spirit, started September 4th .
Each Sunday we will view a 23-minute video by Sinclair Ferguson, then engage in an informal discussion about the major points of the video led by Bob Starr.

The first topic was “Order From Chaos”. The series is enlightening and thought provoking. Each video stands on its own, so if you miss one or more you can still enjoy the content and discussion. Topics include, Order From Chaos, The Face of God, The Spirit of the Lord, Dwelling Within ,Trinitarian Fellowship, The Sustainer, Rivers of Living Water, A Heavenly Birth, A Heavenly Helper, Walking in the Spirit, Inward Groan, and The Spirit of Sonship.

Dr. Sinclair Ferguson is a Ligonier teaching fellow and distinguished visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.

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