Would Our Church FIT Your Convictions?

» Reformed and Presbyterian (Associate Reformed Synod)

» We Think the Bible is Inerrant, Inspired & Infallible 

» We Are Outreach Focused, but Sermons are Doctrinal & Scripture Based

» We Sprinkle Covenant Babies, Yet We Will Offer to Immerse an Adult

» We Are Close Family with the PCA, RPCNA & OPC Denominations

Would Our Church FIT Your Worship Style?

» Meet @ 11:00 AM Sunday -- We Sing Traditional Hymns!

» We Use the Doxology, Apostle's Creed, Gloria Patri & Benediction

» We Have a Choir, Not A Praise Band, Yet We Are Open to Your Talent Any Sunday

» Sermons Are 25 Minutes Long and Published Every Week

» We Are Small Enough to Love One Another Like Family, But Still Praying for Numeric Growth!

Sermon Audio via Google Drive

Sermons are like Mom's Sunday leftovers in the fridge . . . sometimes they are even better the second time around!

We Support Local Business!

Local businesses provide jobs and stability. We help by bringing cookies for your customers. We hope you thrive and help Tucker stay great!

Church Is a House of Prayer

Our Spiritual Life Chairperson, Abbe Howard, is organizing our prayer calendar. Contact her for dates as we are expanding this ministry.

Sermons Are Video Taped

You REALLY prefer to watch the sermon!? Click the link below to see our worship leaders in action!

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Support this Web Project

Support & expand this ministry for others. Our website makes a global impact and brings people into the church.

Joy Club Wednes @ 11:00AM

Come join us for fun and fellowship every Wednesday at 10:30 A.M.

JOY Club is a fellowship of Christian friends dedicated to the praise and worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We post activities on our Facebook page and here on our website.

Work with our Deacons

Our deacons are hard at work restoring our worship facility. Room by room is being renewed for the next generation. Come see what they are doing and how you can help.

Deacons always appreciate people with tools and talent. Why not volunteer?

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Our Outreach

God even calls small churches to outreach. What do we do? Most people in the church volunteer somewhere in the community.

Currently, we are sponsoring a local business every month with a care package and we offer worship every Sunday at Orchard Assisted Living

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