Our Past History

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The History of First Presbyterian Church of Tucker AR.

On April 21, 1894, Mr. David Chestnut, an Elder of the Doraville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, and others (mostly his children and grandchildren) met at the home of Mr. Charles J. Miller to consider the matter of organizing a Sabbath School in that community. On April 29th, it was organized with 40 members and began meeting in a vacant log house on the property of Mr. Miller. Officers of the school were: Mr. David Chestnut, Superintendent, Mr. R.A. Bankston, Secretary, and Mr. Newton Morris, Treasurer.

A monthly Sunday afternoon church service began on January 15, 1899, held in the Sabbath School house and conducted by Rev. H. Rabb, who was supplying the Doraville Congregation at that time. It now seemed advisable to organize this group into a new church. The request was granted on September 16, 1899 by the Presbytery at Louisville, Georgia, who directed Rev. H. Rabb to “effect the organization at the convenience of the parties concerned.”

On Saturday, October 14, 1899, the people met with the Doraville Session and the 52 signing members asked to be transferred to the new church. At this same meeting, Rev. H. Rabb made a motion that the name of the church be called “Antioch.” The motion was carried.

The present church building was begun in early 1930 and on the first Sunday of October, Dr. W.M. Boyce preached the first sermon in the new building. Dr. J.B. McFerrin was the first pastor in the Tucker church.

The church started building a manse in the Summer of 1939 and in November, although the work on it was not quite complete, the Rev. and Mrs. McFerrin moved into the new house.

The educational building was started in 1946 by members of the church working on it in their spare time, the church supplying the materials. It was completed in two years. When the Rev. William Mitchell left Tucker in the Spring of 1947, the church voted to discontinue requesting aid from the Board of Home Missions and to become self-supporting.

Mrs. Estelle Morris gave the church a free title to the land on which it is now located in May of 1955. An anonymous gift of the property directly behind the church building was made at approximately the same time. The church also purchased a small plot of ground on the south side from the Fellowship Baptist Church.

In 1955, the sanctuary was extensively remodeled and the church purchased a new manse. The old manse was remodeled and used for classes on Sunday morning. There were 63 families on the church roll in 1954. In 1957, the roll listed a total of 241 members in the Tucker Presbyterian Church.

At a Session meeting June 7, 1959, a motion was made by Mr. C.E. Morris that the name of the church be changed or revised to First Presbyterian Church of Tucker. The motion was seconded and carried by the whole Session. However, at the Session meeting July 12th, after some discussion, it was decided that action on the name change be deferred.

Fifty-five members withdrew their membership from the church in 1960 in order to found and establish St. Andrews Presbyterian Church of Tucker. Following this, the name of Tucker Church was officially changed to First Presbyterian Church Associate Reformed of Tucker, Georgia. This was done so as to always retain the title of First church.

In 1981, the Church called Rev. J. Edward Pitts as pastor. The church membership at that time was quite low. A new organ was purchased for the church in 1982.

The church called the Rev. Scott Downing to be pastor in 1983. During the years of 1984-86, a total of 60 new members were added. Rev. John Allen Little was called to this ministry in December 1986. He served faithfully till his retirement in 2007, at which time he continued to serve till his death in 2009.

Anthony R. Locke is currently serving.