Theological Identity

The First Presbyterian Church of Tucker stands on the faith of our fathers: the Apostle’s, the fathers of the Early Church, the Reformation, the 20th & 21st century leaders of evangelical orthodoxy, and the convictions from congregants and ministers in our church for over 115 years.

A good example is the recently departed Reverend John A. Little. He was a Pastor Theologian who infused a strong heritage of biblical literacy and family laughter into the personality of our church. Our church will be blessed for years to come through his legacy of love and joy in Jesus.

Other areas of theological identity are being defined and provided by our new minister, the Reverend Anthony R Locke.

The commitments below are not new for our church. Pastor Locke is building on the solid foundation of the previous leadership with Jesus Christ being our chief rock of orientation – the Cornerstone.

Please enjoy surfing these links as your interest leads you. We believe the theology is important. We are 100% committed to biblical orthodoxy, but loving each other is even more important than that. Reverend Locke is more inclined to ask how your tomatoes are growing this year than ask if you are a Calvinist. (Rev. Locke was a Baptist until recently and he says reading John Calvin is a slippery slope into Presbyterianism. He highly recommends it!)

This page is constructed for people who are asking the questions. Being thirsty for Bible knowledge is a good place to find oneself, but it is not the ultimate.

Knowing Jesus is better than the inner pride of perfect theology. So, may your reading fill your mind with good doctrines, but may the Holy Spirit use that doctrine to lead you to Jesus.

  1. What does it mean to be Reformed?
  2. We support Inerrancy. Why?
  3. We baptize infants and adults. Why?

Remember – It takes evangelistic unction to make orthodoxy function