Inerrancy? YES!

Reverend Locke preached a sermon March 13th called ARP Inerrancy: Is It a Bible Doctrine?

Many denominations start on a slippery slope toward liberalism by not holding to a high view of scripture. The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church has taken steps to make sure that doesn’t happen to our churches.

The most in depth explanation of inerrancy is the Chicago Statement of 1980. Our minister and church leadership hold to this historic position without reservation.

During the 2008 Meeting of Synod the denomination affirmed a high view of the Word of God using the same language and definitions of the Chicago Statement.

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During the meeting the following actions were taken:

Page 514 A motion carried that the General Synod go on record that the position of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church on Scripture is that the Bible alone, being God-breathed, is the Word of God Written, infallible in all that it teaches, and inerrant in the original manuscripts.

Page 514 A motion carried that the position statement adopted by the 2008 Synod on the Bible be forwarded to the Committee to Revise the Form of Government, and that this statement be included in the ordination vows for Ministers and Elders at the appropriate places.

Page 515 A motion carried that the Manual of Authorities and Duties, page 9, the definition of an evangelical, item 1, “The Bible to be the inspired, the infallible authoritative Word of God” be replaced by the position statement adopted by the 2008 General Synod on the Bible.