Why Read Sermons?

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We believe that God has ordained preaching to build His church. That means that it is critical for disciples of Jesus to go to church.

Worshipping Jesus together as the family of God is not optional.

The preaching of the scripture is God’s ordained method to build His church.


In deference to God’s opinions about this matter, First Presbyterian Church of Tucker orients it’s life around the sermon. Regardless of who is preaching, how well we like the sermon, if it is short or long, or if we think it was well preached, the sermon is important to hear God.

Therefore, the sermon is printed and distributed every week. It is offered on Wednesday to those who come for the Bible study at 11:00 am. It is e-mailed out on Wednesday night along with the prayer list. A hard copy is mailed out to any member who misses church, and a small stack of sermons sit just outside the doors of the sanctuary.

The sermon is so important that we use it to invite people to church. We take a bulletin, fold the sermon in half and hand them out to people in the community.

To further this commitment we print our sermons on the web.

Hearing God in the sermon is God’s plan for us to be built up in the faith. Our culture will always push the church to remake itself around other tools for fellowship and communion, but God is honored when we embrace His ideas.

May God bless all of us as we learn to submit to the Father and hear Him speak the words of Christ by the illumination of the Spirit

May Jesus Christ be praised!

Sincerely, the Session

[stextbox id=”alert” color=”000000″ ccolor=”000000″ bcolor=”3c3c3c” bgcolor=”ffffff” cbgcolor=”ffffff” image=”null”]Another great resource for listening to sermons is www.sermonaudio.com Listening to sermons in the car through your I-Pod is a great idea.[/stextbox]